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Sexual wellness brand HANX has unveiled two new natural supplements – Menopause Support and Pregnancy Support. These offerings, developed in-house by HANX Co-Founder Dr. Sarah Welsh, a former NHS gynaecology and obstetrics doctor, promise to provide much-needed assistance to women during crucial life stages. HANX’s latest supplements follow the success of its initial offering, Libido Lift, which experienced rapid demand and a waiting list numbering in the thousands.

HANX has consistently championed open conversations and stigma-free solutions related to sexual and intimate health. With the release of these new supplements, the brand solidifies its commitment to supporting women from adolescence to motherhood and beyond.

HANX’s Pregnancy Support supplement addresses the specific nutritional requirements of expectant and new mothers. HANX Co-founder Dr Sarah Welsh shares: “I am extremely proud to expand HANX’s supplement lineup, especially with Pregnancy Support. Whilst expecting my first baby last year, I experienced firsthand the difficulties of finding a suitable supplement that met the unique needs of expectant and new mothers. I wanted Pregnancy Support to not only provide the nutrients which are so necessary when growing a healthy baby, but also to alleviate common symptoms, such as fatigue. Now, I am thrilled that we’re launching a natural support to empower women throughout early motherhood, ensuring they have the support they need to thrive.”

Addressing the challenges faced by women during menopause, HANX has also introduces the Menopause Support supplement. Backed by the British Menopause Society’s report that over 75% of women experience debilitating symptoms during menopause, HANX’s formulation aims to alleviate these symptoms.

HANX Co-founder Farah Kabir explains: “At HANX, we want to connect the milestones of women’s health: from first period, to first time having sex, to first child to menopause and beyond. As one of the only UK femcare brands that has a medical doctor in-house, we’ve been able to build genuine trust and authority in an under-served area. Our community has been right there with us on our journey since the very start and they trust us to deliver – whether that’s quality products designed especially for women’s bodies or medically-backed, taboo-busting content. The launch of our two new supplements, Pregnancy Support and Menopause Support, is a real anchor moment for us as a business, as it solidifies our status in the women’s health market.”

Both Menopause Support and Pregnancy Support are exclusively available through the HANX website, and will soon be accessible at select Sainsbury’s stores in the UK.

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