Women’s health education often faces censorship in the US and beyond, hindering access to vital information on conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Frida is now addressing this issue with the launch of Frida Uncensored, a website dedicated to empowering women with uncensored information and guidance for their journey to motherhood.

Frida Uncensored offers detailed, uncensored how-to demo videos for products such as the At-Home Insemination Kit, Perineal Massage Wand, Upside Down Peri Bottle, and the FDA-cleared Conception Aid Cup. Shot on an all-female set, these videos provide intimate demonstrations of product use for conception, labor prep, and postpartum recovery. The platform, accessible via an age-gated website, will be regularly updated with new content and is a response to years of censorship surrounding women’s wellness products, where mainstream platforms often blur images, ban ads, and restrict educational content.

“Women don’t have access to accurate educational content about their bodies, much less to content that teaches them how to use the products to support them during these physically transformative life stages. Until that type of content becomes more widely available and accessible to women, we’ll invest in creating and hosting our own,” says Frida Founder and CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn. “This is just a continuation of our content crusade, with the hope that this platform becomes a library that houses all types of educational content for women throughout their motherhood journey. Our ultimate goal is that Frida and other brands like ours can accurately and honestly educate women on their own bodies.”

As part of the Uncensored initiative, Frida is working closely with a non-profit partner, the Center for Intimacy Justice. This organization is leading the charge against women’s health censorship, to bring awareness, fund additional research and change legislation to have more transparent women’s health education available on digital platforms and beyond. Their partnership will yield even more data around this type of censorship to deliver meaningful change around women’s health education.

“Frida’s Uncensored campaign confronts alarming gaps in access to accurate health information online that leave women and people of underrepresented genders uninformed and underprepared in profound aspects of their lives,” says Jackie Rotman, founder of Center for Intimacy Justice (CIJ). “We applaud Frida’s efforts to lift taboos and drive open conversations to empower women.”

While the unfiltered and uncompromised videos found on Frida Uncensored might not be for everyone, the brand wants to make sure they’re available to anyone that’s looking. Especially since through extensive research, they found that women have a real interest in seeing this type of content. Ultimately Frida Uncensored’s goal is to prepare women fully for their motherhood journey, advocating for more inclusive and transparent women’s health education.

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