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Forum Brands, an aggregator specializing in Amazon-focused brands, has acquired Lola, a company known for its organic period care products. Lola, established in 2014 by Alexandra Friedman and Jordana Kier, differentiates itself in the market with its 100% organic cotton tampons, pads, and sanitary products. The acquisition, terms of which were not disclosed, aligns with Forum Brands’ strategy to expand in health and wellness categories.

Lola’s expansion into retail began in 2020 with a partnership with Walmart, followed by a presence in Walgreens. The brand has also diversified into sexual health products, adding condoms, vibrators, and lube to its product line. Following the acquisition, former co-CEOs Friedman and Kier stepped down, and Amy Fisher took over as chief executive before departing post-acquisition. Kelly Murphy, previously Lola’s VP of direct-to-consumer and Amazon, is now overseeing the brand.

Forum Brands, established in 2020, aims to build a portfolio of e-commerce businesses, focusing on sectors like family, health, wellness, and pet products. The aggregator targets a demographic that primarily consists of women aged 25 to 44, looking to balance business across Amazon and other retail channels.

This acquisition indicates growing interest in the period care category from larger holding companies. Earlier this year, Compass Diversified announced a deal to acquire The Honey Pot for $380 million, showcasing the category’s appeal to investors. With this acquisition, Forum Brands intends to leverage Lola’s established direct-to-consumer platform and expand its reach in both online and physical retail markets.

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