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A little more than a week ago Fillow launched its first-ever product, Fillow Disc, on Kickstarter. This period disc is the first-ever to come with an applicator, combining the ease and convenience of tampons with the reusability and all-day-wear of period cups. Made from 100% medical-grade materials, Fillow’s reusable product is was desgined for menstruators who struggle with traditional cups, yet are still seeking a sustainable or longer lasting option.

Founded by Seoyeon [Phoebe] Choi, Helena Kim, Camryn Ross, and Mary Woo – all college students at the time – the Fillow team was the first all-female team to win first place at the University of Chicago’s venture competition hosted by the university’s Booth School of Business.

As a brand, Fillow is committed to breaking down taboos and creating a more inclusive conversation around menstruation and other conventionally stigmatized topics with the goal of empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their bodies and overall well-being.

Fillow’s Kickstarter campaign went live on March 21st, and has already blown past its initial goal within only a couple of days.

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