Fierce Foundry has introduced a new venture studio focused on supporting female founders in the femtech industry. The new initiative aims to address funding disparities and provide a structured pathway from idea to exit for women-led startups.

“Fierce Foundry is on a mission to shatter barriers and redefine the landscape of femtech entrepreneurship and further investment in all women and the economy,” says Melissa Wallace, Founder and CEO of Fierce Foundry. “By co-founding companies led by strong female founders, we will unleash the full potential of innovation in women’s health and wellness. Ultimately, this will drive more exits, and in turn more investment in women – female founders and the individuals who benefit from the products they build – worldwide.”

The venture studio addresses critical areas such as the future and societal impact of investing in women, challenges women face in later-stage venture capital funding, and the potential of studio models to revolutionize opportunities for women in technology. It also highlights the role of women-founded health and wellness tech companies in addressing gender disparities in healthcare.

Fierce Foundry develops ideas internally, matches them with suitable founders, and supports their development through a structured four-stage process. This hands-on approach aims to provide female founders with the resources, mentorship, and capital they need to succeed.

Melissa Wallace, with decades of experience in tech startups and entrepreneurship, leads the Fierce Foundry team. The team, which includes members from the recently closed FemHealth Founders accelerator, brings extensive experience in venture capital, technology, and healthcare to support their mission.

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