Every few weeks we like to pick one topic and explore it in depth. This time around it was… drumroll… The Vaginal Microbiome and of course we wanted to share these insight with you as well!

Unarguably the vaginal microbiome is getting quite a bit of press and attention lately. And rightfully so given how critical it is to overall vaginal health. A number of companies are now recognizing this opportunity, are starting to educate women, developing products and tests, and advocating for more research about how the vaginal microbiome can eventually be used as a diagnostic biomarker. 

In a recent post on our blog we set out to answer a few questions with input from FemTec Health Chief Science Officer Dr. Kimberly Capone:

➡️ What is the Vaginal Microbiome and what is its significance in the context of overall women’s health?
➡️ How can the Vaginal Microbiome be protected?
➡️ What is the state of research?
➡️ What commercial opportunities are there?

So if you’re curious what’s “beyond the hype”, check out our recent post below! 👇

Expert Insights on the Future of Telehealth, the Role of Medical Advisors and the Need to Prioritize Holistic, Equitable Care

For a recent article we spoke with Dr. Jane van Dis, one of the most sought after Medical Advisors in the women’s health ecosystem.

For those looking to learn more about the past, present and future of virtual care and how Medical Advisors can support startups to enable equitable care, this one is a must read!

Startup Spotlight

Wanna know which startups get us excited these days? Below are a few of our recent (femtech-healthtech-ish) discoveries.

Felicity Pharma is a biotech company focused on using psychedelics for the treatment of mood disorders in women

Teena: German Fertility company Daysy, known for its basal-temperature based fertility tracker is getting a make-over and (additionally) positioning itself as a cycle tracking device!

MySysters is a new app and symptom tracker focused on perimenopause.

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