Over the past decade Israel has built up quite the reputation as a startup nation. Its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is home to thousands of startups and entrepreneurs, who drive innovation across all industries. Women’s health is no exception and today we’d like to introduce you to some of the most promising femtech startups “made in Israel”.

1. Mylee by Mymilk Labs

Human milk uniquely reflects a mother’s and baby’s health and breastfeeding process. Mylee helps breastfeeding mothers understand their breastmilk cues. Parents often worry whether their babies are drinking enough or if they are producing enough milk. The Mylee mobile app helps to answer this question. It is equipped with a sensor, that scans a few drops of breastmilk and returns information about its composition, which empowers mothers to “decode” breastmilk and to be proactive about their breastfeeding success.

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2. MobileODT

MobileODT create smart colposcopy and visual assessment solutions for women’s health clinicians. The EVA System is an FDA-cleared colposcope and enhanced visual assessment solution combining high-quality medical-grade image and video capture with secure online data management and services. EVA allows clinicians to document patients, add annotations and filters directly to images for further review, to collaborate with peers in real-time, and reduce unnecessary paperwork.

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3. HeraBEAT by HearMED

HeraMED is developing innovative connected pregnancy monitoring solutions for home use. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology with superior UX/UI, the company creates solutions that are medically accurate, scientifically optimized, safe and affordable. HeraBEAT is a comprehensive hardware solution supported by software applications focused on fetal well-being and parental assurance.

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4. Instinct by PulseNmore

Instinct by PulseNmore is an at-home handheld ultrasound system, that enables women to record and send images to their healthcare provider, enabling their physician to evaluate critical parameters including fetal position, cardiac activity, placental location, amniotic fluid and certain biometric measurements. The system is not intended for the detection of physical abnormalities.

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5. Lioness by PregnanTech

PregnanTech’s first product Lioness is a small device to prevent preterm birth. Lioness is a disposable, patented silicone ring, that is placed in the vagina surrounds the uterine cervix and prevents early shortening or ditation of the cervix despite uterine contractions. The device helps to keep the cervix elongated, which can prevent pre-term birth.

6. Invu by Nuvo

Nuvo is a company in the maternal-fetal health space and creates technology with the goal to transforms the experience of pregnancy for expectant parents and healthcare providers. Their first product, Invu, is a remote maternal-fetal monitoring solution, that connects parents with healthcare providers.

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7. UriCap by Tillacare

Effective urine collection is important to maintain health and quality of life, especially for incontinent elderly. UriCap is a solution for women and the only fixed external urine collection device that avoids the odor of urine, keeping the patient dry and thus avoiding the toxic effect of urine on the skin. UriCap helps to avoid dehydration by enabling the monitoring of both volume und color of the urine.

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8. ConTIPI

ConTIPI Medical provides non-surgical and disposable vaginal solutions for women with various Pelvic Floor Disorders. ConTIPI Medical’s vaginal solutions follow a specific concept allowing women to manage their condition directly.

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9. Hela Health

Hela Health is a women’s health and wellness benefit designed for working women. Employers choose Hela Health as a trusted partner to help women thrive in the workplace through the integrated platform that focuses on holistic care for all the normal parts of a women’s health and wellness journey, from menstrual pain and endometriosis to managing menopause from a mind and body approach. By leveraging the most innovative technology and services available to women today not offered by insurance or Telehealth solutions, Hela Health helps companies improve employee productivity, happiness, and satisfaction that in turn leads to improved recruitment and retention of a female workforce.

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10. Escala

Escala has developed a nonsurgical, incision-free and mesh-free, repair device for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP). The system presents a repair option for POP. It is safe and quick and preserves organ functionality with minimal patient discomfort. As no incisions are required the procedure can be performed in an outpatient and office-based settings.

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  • Aaron Feldman
    Posted February 2, 2020 at 10:59 am 0Likes

    Hi Kathrin – great list of companies. Just would like to present you with our company, Ark Surgical (www.ark-surgical.com). We have developed LapBox which is a next generation containment system for enabling simple and safe laparoscopic hysterectomy instead of by open surgery. We have just initiated our First in Human study for the device and have presented it to many surgeons in the US who are very excited about it as it is much easier to use and safer than current options. Our goal is to offer a way for women to benefit from lap surgery rather than having to undergo open surgery with more pain, longer hospitalization and recovery time and more complications and injury. Will be happy to present to you.

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