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FemTec Health, the company behind women’s health and wellness DTC brand Awesome Woman has, acquired Nutrimedy, the evidence-based clinical nutrition platform that provides support and guidance for over 50 medical conditions.

“For many health conditions, nutrition is a key but often neglected component,” said Dr. Kimon Angelides, Founder and CEO of FemTec Health. “Adding Nutrimedy’s robust, evidence-based clinical nutrition platform to the Awesome Woman program will be a gamechanger for our subscribers. Whether it’s to optimize pregnancy planning, manage menopause symptoms, or for general wellness and prevention, research shows women are seeking personalized, science-backed nutritional support that’s easy to use and that they can trust.”

Through its Awesome Woman holistic health program, FemTec Health offers at-home tests and monitoring, personalized services and wellness products, and on-demand medical support—all delivered through monthly subscriptions, either direct-to-consumer or as part of an employer’s health benefit plan. With the acquisition of Nutrimedy, guided nutritional support will soon be part of the program’s suite of services.

“We are excited to join FemTec Health’s Awesome Woman platform, which will enable us to contribute an essential piece of the healthcare puzzle,” said Nutrimedy CEO and co-founder, Karolina Starczak. Nutrimedy is a HIPAA-compliant digital health platform. Its proprietary AI engine enables real-time food recommendations and photo food logging. From costly chronic conditions to disruptive food allergies and sensitivities, Nutrimedy’s mission is to provide individuals a “real-time superpower” to confidently answer the question, “Can I eat this?”

Starczak said, “Nutrimedy was started with the mission to improve access to nutrition in healthcare and make it significantly more personalized and actionable in our hectic daily routines. Within the field of nutrition, conflicting and confusing misinformation is pervasive and prevents most people from making the best decision for their individual health.” She added, “This is especially true in women’s health where quick fixes and false promises prevent women from accessing viable solutions to their medical and nutritional needs.” After integration is complete, Awesome Woman subscribers will have access to all of the Nutrimedy features and be able to easily connect with an expert dietitian for individualized guidance.

Nutrimedy is the latest acquisition by FemTec Health. Recently, the company announced its purchase of reproductive health innovator AvaBirchbox, the original monthly beauty box, Mira Beauty, which uses AI to match consumers with personalized cosmetics, and Liquid Grids, a social health intelligence company with over 1.25 million online community members to provide a single destination for women’s health and beauty. 

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