Felix, a Canadian digital health startup has raised $10M in Series A funding led by Whitecap Venture Partners. Other participants in the round include Mantella Venture Partners, BrandProject and US based H Ventures.

Founded in January 2019, Felix is a DTC end-to-end digital healthcare platform providing telehealth and prescription delivery, best known for providing online access to birth control and erectile dysfunction treatments. The company also offers online doctor consultations and seamless medication delivery for acne, cold sores, hair loss, genital herpes, allergies and emergency contraception.

Felix will continue to focus its service in areas of health that people may find sensitive, stigmatized or inaccessible to ultimately become a digital front door that complements and enhances the Canadian healthcare experience. The new round of funding, which follows a Seed round of $2.5M in November 2019, will help support Felix’s expansion to Quebec and the development of new care offerings for migraines, mental health, HIV prevention and more.

“We will continue our patient-centric mission to empower Canadians to take control of their health and wellbeing as we expand our offering and dive deeper into areas of healthcare people may find sensitive or inaccessible.” said Felix Co-founder and CEO Kyle Zien.

“Healthcare innovation was already happening in Canada, but the last 11 months have been a major accelerant. Launching pre-pandemic and being a first mover in the space has put Felix in a strong position to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. We’re proud to partner with the team at Felix,” said Russell Samuels, Partner at Whitecap Venture Partners.

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