Emjoy, a female-founded femtech startup had its audio-based sexual wellness app suspended by Google today due to a “policy violation of sexual content”, which means thousands of paying users on Google Play are currently not able to access the app.

Emjoy Founder and CEO Andrea Oliver Garcia turned to social media to create awareness for the stigmatization and censorship many women’s health and sexual wellness companies still face today.

She shares:

Today Google has decided to suspend our app due to a “policy violation of s3xual content.” Meanwhile, Apple has featured Emjoy as App of the Day. We have thousands of users who have paid for subscriptions on Google Play who cannot access the app.

Please share this post to support women’s health and help us overturn the decision.

If there are other ways you think you can help, please comment on the post or send me a message.

Thank you

Emjoy isn’t the only company experiencing censorship. According to a recent report by the Center for Intimacy Justice (CIJ), a nonprofit and social change organization committed to equity and wellbeing in people’s intimate lives, found that out of 60 health businesses that attempted to advertise on Facebook 100% of respondents had experienced Facebook rejecting an advertisement, and 50% of respondents had their advertising accounts suspended at some point. Most commonly Facebook classified the rejected ads as “Adult Products & Services”.

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