Femtech Insider Founder Kathrin Folkendt. Image: Christina Spörer

Last week was a good week in the world of women’s health innovation. 

Pharmavite acquired BonafideThe National Menopause Institute in the US launched the Women’s Midlife Health Policy Institute, and – last but not least – Bayer and CrossBay Medical partnered to introduce a novel IUD inserter.

As someone, who’s been around the women’s health space for a while I understand and often emphasize the importance of “validating our vertical”. I recognize the need for more exits, acquisitions, and impactful stories like this recent collaboration between Bayer and CrossBay Medical, which – without doubt – signifies a leap forward for millions of women. But in a way, this very collaboration also serves as a reminder of the broader, often untapped potential that lies ahead in women’s healthcare.

Let me explain. 👇

The Bayer-CrossBay Medical partnership has introduced an innovative intrauterine device (IUD) inserter, integrating CrossBay Medical’s CrossGlide technology with Bayer’s hormonal IUD portfolio. This advancement aims to alleviate the discomfort associated with IUD insertion, a concern for many women. And while this is a commendable step in addressing immediate challenges of course, it also sparks a conversation about the extent of innovation in women’s healthcare.
Traditional T-shaped IUDs (like Bayer’s Mirena), while effective, come with their own set of challenges. The rigid shape can sometimes cause discomfort during insertion and removal (which the Bayer-CrossBay partnership aims to solve for), and there’s a risk of the IUD becoming misplaced or even causing uterine perforation in rare cases. Additionally, the presence of hormones in many IUDs can lead to side effects that some women wish to avoid. These issues underscore the need for innovative solutions that not only address effectiveness but also focus on the comfort and overall well-being of women.

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