Image: Elidah

Elidah, with the first non-intrusive device to treat incontinence at home, announced that its ELITONE device is now covered by Medicare. Women dealing with bladder leaks can treat their leaks rather than simply covering them up with pads or diapers. Urinary incontinence symptoms often start after childbirth, but the symptoms usually progress and become more bothersome as women age. Medicare is the federal health insurance for people 65 or older and serves over 20 million women.

“After years or decades of bladder leaks, women often give up hope and resign themselves to living less active and less social lives,” say Elidah’s CEO Gloria Kolb. “We want women to be aware that products like ELITONE can significantly reduce these leaks and improve quality of life, even if they’ve been incontinent for decades.” Coverage through Medicare will make it easier for these women to acquire this FDA-cleared, use-at-home treatment. Incontinence costs the US healthcare system $20b annually.

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