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New York-based menopause startup Elektra Health has announced a $3.75M seed round to grow its team and expand its integrative, evidence-based solution in the U.S. and beyond. The round was led by Flare Capital Partners and Seven Seven Six with participation from January Ventures, Human Ventures, City Light Capital, The Fund, Community Fund and angel investors including Hannah and Guy Raz, Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Jenny Fielding. The company was founded in 2019 by Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi. Since launch around 1800 women have participated in the companies educational menopause programs.

“Menopause – which represents a $600 billion global market opportunity – is a universal experience that impacts every aspect of a woman’s health: mental, physical, and emotional. It’s a space that has been ignored for years due to social stigma, a fragmented healthcare system, and under-investment in women’s healthcare,” said Alessandra Henderson, Elektra Co-Founder and CEO. “Fortunately, we’re at a turning point. Menopause is finally getting the attention it deserves. Elektra has a big vision to fundamentally change the way that women experience menopause through our proprietary care model and actionable, evidence-based programs. With the backing of top investors, we’re ready to double down on our mission to smash the menopause taboo.”

“Elektra is reimagining the menopause experience, which is still largely characterized by stigma and misinformation,” said Jannine Versi, Elektra Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer. “While there’s excellent research out there from the North American Menopause Society and others, too few are aware of it and certainly, more is needed. Innovation in the space rarely goes beyond surface topics, failing to meaningfully address the very real issues and debilitating symptoms many women face. Our holistic, evidence-based approach is built and delivered by board-certified providers to meet women where they are, providing a roadmap that spans care, community, and education.” 

Menopause is a hormonal health transition that typically starts in the 40s or 50s. There are up to 34 symptoms of menopause, and its impact on women’s quality of life is far-reaching:

  • 80% of women experience menopause symptoms that negatively impact their quality of life.
  • Women aged 45-64 have the highest suicide rate compared to any other female age group, according to the CDC.
  • Over 75% of women experience hot flashes & night sweats.
  • Yet <20% of OB/GYN residency programs educate doctors about menopause.

Elektra Health’s three core pillars – education, care, and community – lay the foundation for women to not only understand menopause, but to also take actionable steps to optimize their long-term health and wellness. Henderson and Versi are excited to work with investing partners who value women’s physical and mental health and who can help amplify Elektra’s mission. Elektra’s plans to publicly launch its “Meno-morphosis” program in 2022.

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