Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, has awarded a Smart Grant to deep tech startup electronRx to support the development of their novel period pain relief technology, Ohmm. The discreet wearable device administers their proprietary neuromuscular electrical stimulation to neutralize the two main causes of menstrual pain, uterine cramps and inflammation, providing drug-free, long-lasting relief. 

electronRx CEO and Founder, Dr. Bipin Patel, shares his excitement: “Ohmm is an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of billions of women around the world needlessly enduring pain in silence.” According to the WHO, dysmenorrhea may affect up to 81% of women of reproductive age.

This grant will allow the eRx team to develop on the current prototype and run the clinical studies that will take the device through regulatory approval. Ohmm hopes to provide a serious solution to treating dysmenorrhea; a condition which has until now been underserved by the medical field. The Ohmm technology will not only revolutionize pain management for dysmenorrhea, but potentially has wider ramifications for the treatment of chronic pain in general, from lower back pain to migraines and cluster headaches, negating the need for opioid use and the potential issues associated with this.

Founded in 2017, electronRx is a deep tech team of interdisciplinary scientists and engineers developing novel technologies to sense the physiological environment and inform personalized therapeutic interventions. By building this interface between technology and the human body, the team is ushering in a new therapeutic paradigm that will transform how we deliver healthcare and treat disease. electronRx has grown by 6 people in 2021 alone and is looking to expand further in anticipation of their upcoming Series A round at the end of the year.

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