Eggschain, the first patented supply chain system that combines blockchain and genetics to bring medical grade information and data to individuals undergoing IVF in a secure, transparent and universally trackable format, is partnering with Boston IVF, one of the country’s most renowned fertility networks. The partnership will leverage Eggschain technology for cryogenic preservation of sperm for use in IVF and other fertility and non-fertility treatments as well as long-term storage.

“Boston IVF has always prided itself on being first in adopting effective new technologies to improve patient outcomes, and Eggschain represents another important leap forward,” said David L. Stern, CEO of Boston IVF. “Our promise to our patients is to deliver the highest levels of treatment and care. Eggschain’s patented, proprietary blockchain technology enables us to further elevate their experience with an unparalleled level of transparency and security.”

The partnership will be particularly beneficial to Eggschain customers who become Boston IVF patients. Boston IVF will provide a 10% lifetime discount on sperm storage to Eggschain customers who use the platform.

“Boston IVF is a leader in its field, and we share a common purpose: to improve patient outcomes. As a result, we are thrilled to partner with Boston IVF,” said Wei Escala, Founder and CEO of Eggschain. “The benefit of Eggschain goes beyond secure tracking of biospecimens through the blockchain. Our technology empowers men and women in their reproductive years to enable greater confidence and better-informed decision-making by providing transparent access to quality data.”

Just last month, Eggschain successfully generated a bitcoin cryptographic block hash, becoming the first biotech healthcare company on the mainnet. On November 23rd, Escala made history by storing her eggs on the blockchain, doing so through the platform she and her team conceived and created.

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