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Women’s health focused psychedelics startup Eastra Health has announced Emeline Maillet Ph.D. as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Maillet is a leading pharmacologist and neuroscientist with over twenty years of experience in academia and pharmaceuticals identifying and testing novel drug treatments for various conditions.

Eastra Health is a biotech company dedicated to developing psychedelic-derived medicines designed for women. The company focuses on under-addressed health challenges women face, from PMS to menopause, through an innovative approach to drug development and a deep understanding of women’s health. The company’s mission is to help every woman through their life journey attain better health and wellbeing through disruptive medical solutions that enable healing, inspiration, and connection.

Most recently, Dr. Maillet served as Scientific Director for Eleusis, a psychedelics life science company. At Eleusis, Dr. Maillet was responsible for leading research and development of 5-HT2A-targeting drugs and new molecular entities and leading the preclinical evaluation of therapeutic potentials and intellectual property development strategy.

Prior to Eleusis, Ms. Maillet was a Senior Scientist at Coca-Cola, where she worked on the cell-based discovery and oversaw a $4+m portfolio of research. She was also the Senior Scientist at DemeRx, researching the pharmacology of ibogaine and noribogaine for substance-related disorders.

Eastra Health’s CEO, Jeremy Weate, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Emeline as our CSO and senior leader within our organization. Only a few scientists in the psychedelics field possess the depth of knowledge she has as a pharmacologist and a neuroscientist. Emeline is a thought leader with the capability to deliver groundbreaking research that leads to safe and therapeutically beneficial psychedelic medicines that advance women’s healthcare.”

Ms. Maillet said, “Women’s health includes diseases and conditions which are unique to female biology. Unfortunately, these topics had been historically underrepresented in both scientific research and pharmaceutical development. Personally, I have found the medical system and pharmacotherapies proposed for women’s reproductive health, hormonal imbalances, wellbeing, and female-specific mental health conditions quite limited and, in certain instances, antiquated. At Eastra, my goal as CSO is to develop psychedelic-derived medicines that will serve as new tools and options within the pharmacotherapeutic arsenal for women’s health.”

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