Doveras, a New York-based fertility startup, is launching Pre-Pregnancy Clean Up, its first digital product today. The new program is focused on evidence-based lifestyle interventions to enhance male and female fertility potential, reduce time to pregnancy, and improve assisted reproductive outcomes. 

The new program may be Doveras’ first digital product on the market, Founder & CEO Nara Lee, however, is no stranger to the fertility space. She initially started Doveras as a high-touch fertility concierge service in the New York City area, helping individuals, and couples navigate their fertility journeys. From natural conception to IVF to individuals or couples looking for a gestational carrier, egg or sperm donor – she has seen it all, and has helped intended parents navigate the many complexities a TTC journey can bring. 

While the Doveras team continues to offer concierge services today, the insights and learnings from this work have now also become the foundation of the company’s next evolution. Doveras Founder & CEO Nara Lee shares: “It has been so rewarding to help people who never thought they could be parents, become parents. Every journey is so unique. One thing we learned, however, is that no matter what fertility journey someone is on, everyone has questions about what they can do outside the doctor’s office to improve their fertility potential.”

To address this need for more evidence-based information and guidance, Doveras is now launching the Pre-Pregnancy Clean-up, a digital program designed to help couples, or individuals make the most impactful lifestyle changes that support their fertility. The engine behind the program is a proprietary database that synthesizes findings from over 100,000 recent clinical studies on the impacts of various lifestyle factors during the pre-pregnancy period. 

Doveras “Pre-Pregnancy Clean Up” launches today. Image: Doveras

Doveras Product Lead Nina Montgomery explains: “Fertility potential is fluid. It can be changed over time with the right lifestyle interventions and choices. You can improve egg health, sperm health, fertility potential, reduce the risk of pregnancy loss, reduce other complications, and even improve child health. That 3-6 months window before you get pregnant is so important, and that’s really the window we’re focused on.”

The Pre-Pregnancy Clean Up features a comprehensive fertility assessment, personalized lifestyle recommendations, a resource library, and a digital content curriculum designed to help members implement lifestyle changes across the “3 Pillars of Fertility Health”, as Doveras calls them: Nutrition, toxin reduction, and wellness.

Doveras Advisory Board Member, Dr. Jorge Chavarro, Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, shares: “Sometimes getting pregnant seems like an act of faith, especially since there are a lot of factors you do not have control over. One thing you do have control over is your lifestyle. Few people realize, but what there is increasing scientific evidence for, is that what you do during pre-pregnancy can impact your fertility and other reproductive outcomes beyond that. It’s this critical period that Doveras’ work is focused on.”

Doveras Founder Nara Lee adds: “Fertility has been shrouded in mystery — and framed as only a women’s issue — for too long. And yet, the science is clear: whether you have eggs or sperm, there are things you can do from a lifestyle perspective before you conceive to meaningfully improve not just your fertility potential, but also your reproductive outcomes.”

The Pre-Pregnancy Clean Up program has been in closed-beta since November 2022, and is officially launching in the US today. Designed for people hoping to conceive in the next six months, actively trying today, or going through egg freezing or IVF, the 3-month program is available for individuals at $69 and for couples at $99. 

Doveras has not raised any outside funding to date, but is considering fundraising in the near future to further evolve the digital product, and invest in growth.

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