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About a year ago sexual wellness company Dame settled with the MTA and went on to become the first female-founded pleasure product brand approved to advertise on New York Subways. And Dame kept the momentum going. Since last November the company has launched several new products, helped launch Sephora’s Intimate Care category, and built a Clinical Board to further push the narrative that sexual health is a key factor to overall wellness.

Today Dame is back with another announcement. And this time it’s about another round of funding, namely the company’s $7M Series A, which was led by female and sexual health focused venture fund Amboy Street Ventures. Other participants in the round include Listen Ventures, Flybridge, Echo, and Forest Road Company. The company has raised a total of $13M to date and plans to invest the news funds exploring new categories for a broader audience with more accessible and replenishable products, and to continue evolving its retail presence.

With this funding, the company is also announcing a new Dame-quality vibe at a more accessible price point: Dip, launching on October 12 and priced at $49, is meant to be an inclusive entry point to pleasure for people who are in the early stages of their sexual wellness journey.

Dip by Dame. Image: Dame

Dame Founder & CEO Alexandra Fine shares: “The sexual wellness market is growing by the day, which is amazing to see given the resistance we’ve seen in past years. We are so proud to be a part of an encouraging intimacy movement, and our hope is that our newest product, Dip, will open that door for even more people to get in touch with themselves.”

Amboy Street Ventures Founding Partner Carli Sapir, who led the round, adds: “Dame is bringing the sexual wellness category into the mainstream by plowing through industry-wide hurdles. Sexual pleasure and wellbeing is arguably the most stigmatized subset of our space – and when that stigma is removed from sexual health and women’s health; research, funding, and solutions will pour into this underserved area. Dame is unapologetically dismantling shame around sexual wellness and, in doing so, has found incredible product market fit.”

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