Chiyo, a food-as-medicine startup, has successfully secured $3 million in funding to bolster its efforts in providing personalized nutrition support for postpartum mothers. Led by early-stage investor Bread & Butter Ventures, this investment round signifies a significant step forward for Chiyo as it scales its meal delivery service and digital health platform.

Founded by Irene Liu and Jennifer Jolorte Doro, Chiyo offers tailored nutrition advice and meal plans to women from fertility through postpartum as part of its holistic fertility care approach. Drawing from Liu’s background in nutritional science and Jolorte Doro’s expertise as a clinical nutritionist and postpartum private chef, Chiyo aims to redefine postpartum nutrition using food as medicine principles.

The concept for Chiyo emerged from Liu’s observation of traditional Chinese medicine practices in postpartum care. Combining cultural heritage with professional insights gained from Liu’s experience at Bain & Co. and involvement in local economic development initiatives, Chiyo launched its pilot program—a five-week postpartum meal delivery service in New York City.

Since its inception in 2020, Chiyo has delivered over 100,000 meals nationwide and experienced a 300% revenue growth in the past year. The company’s expansion efforts, along with partnerships with over 100 women’s health practitioners, underscore its commitment to providing comprehensive nutrition support for new mothers.

Chiyo’s product roadmap includes plans to cater to various stages of women’s health, from menstrual cycle fertility programs to postpartum nutrition solutions tailored to individual needs. Unlike traditional meal service providers, Chiyo prioritizes empowering users with personalized self-guided nutrition programs.

Funding from investors including Ingeborg, Union Heritage Ventures, Peterson Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, Palette Ventures, and The Helm will enable Chiyo to expand its distribution channels, invest in food as medicine research, and enhance its digital platform.

With a focus on demonstrating the return on investment in nutrition and healthcare cost savings, Chiyo aims to integrate nutrition support seamlessly into existing healthcare systems. By collaborating with clinics and hospital systems, Chiyo seeks to make accessible and reimbursable nutrition services available to all postpartum mothers.

Irene Liu emphasizes: “We are out to prove the ROI on investing in nutrition and healthcare cost savings so that eventually this program can be reimbursed and not have to be out-of-pocket.” With its evidence-based approach and commitment to women’s health, Chiyo hopes to make a meaningful impact on postpartum care and nutrition.

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