Legacy, a digital fertility clinic for men, today announced a new partnership with the global fertility benefits provider for employers, Carrot Fertility. Carrot Fertility is the trusted global fertility benefits solution for more than 200 companies including Box, Snap, Inc., and Peloton. The new partnership provides Carrot members in the U.S. with exclusive, discounted access to Legacy’s at-home sperm analysis and cryopreservation services. Legacy’s services are made available to Carrot members alongside Carrot’s telehealth program and the Carrot Card, a flexible fertility benefits card employees use to pay for their care. The partnership ensures that members will have an integrated VIP-level experience that includes priority shipping, dedicated services, enhanced storage options, one-on-one access to fertility experts throughout the process, and more.

“Carrot and Legacy are working towards the same vision: one where fertility services are accessible and affordable to anyone who may need them. In that way, Carrot is an ideal partner to help achieve Legacy’s mission of increasing access to fertility services and care for all men and trans-gender women by introducing our industry-leading at-home sperm testing and storage to an entirely new audience,” said Khaled Kteily, Founder & CEO of Legacy. “Fertility is not just a ‘women’s issue’ and we’re making the sperm testing and storage process as safe and easy as possible from the comfort of home.”

“Often the conversation about fertility is centered on women, when in fact fertility is a vital part of all human healthcare. 40% of the people who enroll in Carrot are male”, said Pat Marshall, VP of Member Operations at Carrot Fertility. “This partnership comes at a pivotal time when, in the face of a global pandemic, people have prioritized their fertility care, including assessments and preservation. We are delighted to partner with Legacy to give more Carrot members access to at-home testing so they can more easily understand their fertility and feel empowered to make informed decisions about their futures.”

Legacy’s mail-in kit greatly improves the traditional process for males, making sperm analysis easier, more convenient, and affordable from the comfort of home. It’s simple. There is no liquid nitrogen, pipettes, or clunky shipping tanks required. This allows males to get information about their sperm without needing to visit an expensive clinic or specialty lab.

Once Carrot members order a sperm testing kit and collect their sample at home, Legacy picks up the sample and delivers it to their CLIA-certified lab, now with the option to test sperm DNA fragmentation. Carrot members will receive a full fertility report within three business days that analyzes sperm volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology, as well as the option to freeze their deposit at world-class cryogenic storage facilities.

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