Women’s health startup Bloomlife and Valley Perinatal Services (VPS), Arizona’s top provider of care for high-risk pregnancies, have announced a partnership to improve care for high-risk pregnancies through Bloomlife’s remote maternal care platform, Bloomlife Connects. The platform, that recently received FDA approval, integrates connected devices with data analytics to enhance the monitoring and management of high-risk pregnancies, initially focusing on hypertension, a major complication during pregnancy.

Bloomlife Connects facilitates the connection between expectant mothers and doctors between prenatal visits. It supports hypertension management through patient education, a cellular-connected blood pressure monitor, and data analytics that flag elevated readings for clinical follow-up. This integration into VPS’s workflow has shown to provide better data for early identification of poorly controlled blood pressure, aiding in clinical decision-making.

A study conducted by VPS and Bloomlife comparing patients using Bloomlife Connects against those receiving standard care showed significant improvements in adherence to blood pressure monitoring recommendations and blood pressure control. These findings will be presented at the upcoming Society for Reproductive Investigation Annual Conference.

Bloomlife Co-founder & CEO Eric Dy comments: “Increasing rates of high-risk pregnancies combined with decreasing numbers of maternal healthcare providers means the patients in greatest risk are finding it harder and harder to get the care they need. We believe connected care solutions will allow us to build a more efficient, equitable, and scalable means of enabling clinicians to screen and manage the health of mom and baby to improve birth outcomes. Doing so however requires technical expertise to develop a comprehensive solution to remotely monitor maternal and fetal health that to date few companies have possessed. We’re excited to be the first to bring both critical services to market.”

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