Image: BeReal / Alexandra from Iowa

BeReal, the social networking platform known for its focus on authenticity, recently crowned Alexandra from Iowa “The Realest Person on Earth.” This title was part of a campaign by BeReal, aiming to highlight genuine, unfiltered moments in contrast to the often polished and unrealistic portrayals of women in media.

The significance of this campaign is underlined by revealing statistics. A study by Unilever found that over 40% of women feel disconnected from the representations of women in advertisements. Moreover, about two-thirds of women are likely to turn away from media that negatively stereotypes them. These figures highlight a growing demand for more authentic and relatable depictions in media and advertising.

The winning entry, a candid photo taken during a pap smear appointment, stands out for its unvarnished portrayal of a common women’s health experience. It contrasts sharply with the heavily edited and idealized images of women that dominate billboards and media today. The image, along with Alexandra’s recognition, was featured on various billboards in New York City’s Times Square, including the Duffy Square billboards, offering a stark contrast to the typical, retouched advertisements.

This initiative by BeReal is a step towards acknowledging and valuing authentic experiences, particularly those of women, in public and digital narratives. It’s an important reminder of the need for a more realistic portrayal in media, and it resonating with a broader audience seeking authenticity over perfection.

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