Being Health Co-founder Dr. Allie Sharma. Image: Alexandra Rowley

Being Health, a modern mental health care provider co-founded by the Cornell-trained psychiatrist Dr. Allie Sharma, has announced its official launch in New York City. The practice integrates various therapeutic modalities, including psychiatry, psychotherapy, novel treatments like ketamine infusion therapy, functional medicine, and wellness services like acupuncture and nutrition under one roof

The launch is supported by $5.4 million in funding from 18Park and HDSCapital. Being Health’s mission is to offer a multi-dimensional approach to mental health care, accommodating a diverse array of evidence-based treatments. The practice aims to cater to individuals dealing with a range of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress.

“We are combining the best of what is tried and tested in psychiatry with what is new and novel in our field,” said Dr. Allie Sharma, Being Health co-founder and Chief Medical Officer. “More and more Americans are grappling with mental health conditions, with far too many feeling overwhelmed by the burden of navigating their own care. At Being Health we’ve created a modern mental health practice that seamlessly incorporates a diversity of therapeutic approaches including, for example, ketamine infusion therapy for treatment resistant depression or functional medicine combined with nutritional support to optimize both health and mental health outcomes, which we know are inextricably linked.”

“Being Health’s integrated model of care leveraging traditional and novel treatments is positioned to play a leading role in transforming mental health care as we know it,” said Haim Dabah, founder of HDS Capital and lead investor. “By expanding the mental health toolkit and building a team of best-in-class clinicians coupled with gold standard safety protocols, Being Health can serve as a bridge to bring innovative treatments to patients in a safe, clinical environment.

He continues: “Today there are more than fifty biotech and pharmaceutical companies investing hundreds of millions of dollars into the development of promising therapeutic applications of novel treatments with approximately thirty clinical trials in Phase II and Phase III with promising results. Upon FDA approval, these novel treatments will likely require delivery to patients in clinically-monitored settings. Being Health is poised to become first-to-market to deliver these novel treatments to patients.”

Being Health’s state-of-the-art facility in Lower Manhattan, encompassing 7,000 square feet with 22 spacious rooms, is designed to offer in-person services, complemented by virtual care options.

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