Babyscripts, the virtual care platform for managing obstetrics, is partering with Nuvo Group, a company commercializing INVU by Nuvo, an FDA-cleared, prescription-initiated, remote pregnancy monitoring platform. This collaboration will offer non-stress tests by INVU, within Babyscripts’ commercial ecosystem, with the singular goal of advancing pregnancy care delivery for providers and their patients, particularly those at high risk for complications.

Babyscripts Virtual Maternity Care solution allows providers to deliver risk-specific care to pregnant mothers at any time, in any place. By integrating Nuvo’s INVU technology into Babyscripts Virtual Maternity Care platform, Babyscripts’ capabilities will extend to provide a more comprehensive remote pregnancy care platform that builds on Babyscripts existing solution for patient education and engagement, remote monitoring tools, and improved care analytics to inform better outcomes. This collaboration is particularly focused on providing the highest standard of care for at-risk mothers, at a time when access to care has been compromised by the pandemic.

The collaboration between Babyscripts and Nuvo Group reflects the companies’ shared vision to embrace digital point-of-care solutions to provide better access to care for all health populations regardless of risk, race, or income; leveraging remote monitoring and management to improve care coordination and reduce clinical and social barriers to care. The collaboration responds to market demand for comprehensive remote solutions, which became acute during the pandemic and has continued to increase as patients expect to receive care outside of the clinic and care providers are looking for ways to extend services in the midst of resource limitations.

“Our mission at Babyscripts is to deliver the most comprehensive and effective pregnancy solution on the market, to eliminate disparities in care and achieve better pregnancies for all moms,” said Juan Pablo Segura, President and co-founder of Babyscripts. “We know that can only be achieved by bringing all stakeholders on board and leveraging the expertise of best-in-class developers and technology solutions.”

Nuvo’s INVU platform is a first-to-market product that democratizes access to medical grade care, enabling expectant moms to be more compliant with prescribed care,” said Debra Bass, U.S. President Nuvo Group. “Babyscripts provides the commercial infrastructure to expand access to INVU to a segment of pregnant women who are underserved in today’s brick and mortar care delivery system.”

Nuvo CEO, Kelly Londy, added, “Nuvo is excited to embark on this partnership that leverages the care ecosystem to deliver against the Nuvo mission to give every life a better beginning.”

Babyscripts Virtual Maternity Care solution includes a digital education layer with daily gestational-age and practice-specific, customizable content extending through one year postpartum, delivering content to the patient via a mobile app. Through connected or manual medical devices and risk assessments, Babyscripts also enables remote monitoring and management of pregnant patients dependent on mental health or blood pressure-related risk (including low-risk, chronic hypertension, gestational hypertension, and postpartum hypertension).

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