The Ark Surgical Team. Image: Arc Surgical

Ark Surgical, a medical device company dedicated to enhancing women’s health, has recently secured an additional $1.1 million in funding. This investment, acquired between December 2023 and January 2024, signifies a significant step forward for the company in its mission to provide safer surgical solutions in women’s health care. The funds will primarily support U.S. market expansion U.S. for its FDA-cleared tissue containment system, the LapBox.

The funding round saw participation from Intempo Ventures, NGT3, the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), and the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry. Ark Surgical also received backing from a U.S.-based medical device group comprising physicians and seasoned executives with extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

At the core of Ark Surgical’s innovation lies the LapBox, a novel tissue containment system designed to facilitate safer surgical procedures for women’s health conditions such as hysterectomy, which ranks as the second most common surgical procedure in women. The LapBox stands out as the only double-walled, patented secure tissue containment system, providing protection for women and instilling confidence in physicians to perform hysterectomies without the risk of cancerous tissue dispersion. The solution helps gynecologic surgeons to conduct minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures with enhanced efficiency, while simultaneously reducing the risk of complications and accelerating patient recovery.

“We are thrilled to have secured this additional funding, reflecting the confidence of our investors in the transformative potential of our medical device to reshape women’s healthcare”, said Ark Surgical CEO Stav Tori. “The LapBox containment system directly addresses the FDA’s call to prevent the risk of undiagnosed cancer spreading during tissue removal by morcellation (cuttng tissue into smaller pieces) while elevating patient outcomes through enabling minimally invasive alternatives to higher- risk open surgery.”

Amy Garcia, MD, MIG fellow, GYN Surgeon, Owner of The Center for Women’s Surgery and Ark Surgical Advisor added: “We take pride in pioneering these advancements in the U.S. with the successful completion of our initial procedures using the FDA-cleared LapBox for manual morcellation. The easy-to-use LapBox supports efficient and secure extraction of large tissue for improved care.”

With distribution already underway in New England and select medical centers nationwide, facilitated by a recently signed distribution agreement, Ark Surgical is now preparing to scale its commercial activities in the U.S. The company is actively seeking strategic distribution partners across the U.S. who share its vision of transforming gynecologic surgery, ensuring better patient care, and achieving exceptional surgical outcomes.

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