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Annabella, an Israel-based company specializing in breast pump technology, has raised $8.5M in seed funding to expand into the U.S. market. This round of funding includes contributions from notable investors such as Yasmin Lukatz from Israel Shark Tank, Oren Dobronsky, Zohar Gilon of Tamar Technology Ventures, and Menachem Weinfeld of Starry Group. The seed funding also comprises over $3M from Israel’s fastest crowdfunding campaign, reflecting substantial community support for advancements in maternal health technology.

Since February 2023, Annabella has distributed over 4,000 breast pumps in Israel through Shilav retail stores. The product, which is patented and cleared by the FDA, is designed to emulate a baby’s suckling to provide a balance of efficiency and comfort during use.

The funds from this round are allocated for the development of the next generation of the product, market expansion into the United States, and partnerships with insurance providers to increase accessibility.

“Mothers shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and efficiency when breast pumping. Now with the Annabella pump, they don’t have to. This investment will allow us to quicken the pace at which we bring best-in-class femtech products to market that radically improve the lived experience of mothers around the world,” stated co-founder Masha Waldberg. “Our mission is to empower women throughout every developmental phase of motherhood. This is only the beginning.”

“We believe that Annabella’s innovative breast pump holds the potential to revolutionize the maternal health industry, offering an unparalleled experience in comfort and efficiency,” said Yasmin Lukatz, founder of Israel Collaboration Network. “I am thrilled to be a part of Annabella’s journey and look forward to seeing the company’s growth and expansion into the United States.”

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