Yoni CEO Deniz Er Wiedhaup and Yoni Founder Mariah Mansvelt Beck. Image: Yoni

Yoni, a femcare brand focused on sustainability and health, has successfully raised €2.3 million in funding. This investment, contributed by ROM InWest, Rabobank, Invest International, and existing angel investors, is a significant step for Yoni in its goal to become the largest sustainable and innovative fem care brand in Europe. Yoni’s strategy includes an omnichannel approach, with plans for international expansion and brand building, while continuing their innovative research.

Yoni currently boasts over 3,000 points of sale throughout the Benelux and the UK. This year marked Yoni’s entrance into the German market, launching at organic supermarket chain Alnatura and drugstore Müller. The company, under the leadership of new CEO Deniz Er Wiedhaup, who brings experience from Coca-Cola, Bol.com, and Getir, is focusing on expanding in these countries, with a particular emphasis on Germany in 2024. Yoni’s growth strategy also includes increasing distribution in major retail chains, focusing on online growth, and making their products available in offices and schools.

Deniz Er Wiedhaup, CEO of Yoni, shared: “With the growth of Yoni we will be able to reach more people with our chemical-free and sustainable period care and educate them about menstruation. There is still so much to learn and share when it comes to vaginal care.”

Yoni has also been collaborating with the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, led by Rosanne Hertzberger, to develop an over-the-counter probiotic for balancing the vaginal microbiome. This product aims to reduce the risk of UTIs, vaginal infections, and miscarriages. Additionally, Yoni continues to develop its menstrual underwear, offering a more sustainable and comfortable solution for light urine loss.

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