Virtual primary care company Alpha Medical is expanding its services to treat Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes through affordable and flexible treatment plans. The new offering includes clinical care offerings to help treat and screen for Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and screen for Gestational Diabetes. 

With this new service, Alpha now offers a full-service approach to diabetes treatment, including the option for users to pay as they go with their treatment, lab test referrals, online prescription of over 40 different medications to treat Type 2 Diabetes (including insulin), and access to dietitian services and weight loss treatment if needed. At-home A1C test kits are coming soon.  This comprehensive approach to care is meant to give women a specific and unique way to not only diagnose but also treat various forms of diabetes from home. 

Research shows that while diabetes is more common in men than women, women have more serious complications and risk of death. Additionally there are major differences in the ways that female patients experience diabetes and the conditions that coincide with it; for example, patients with PCOS often experience insulin resistance. Further, given the fact that gestational diabetes is all too common among pregnant women and that this increases their risk to eventually develop Type 2 Diabetes postpartum, women clearly need their own dedicated diabetes diagnoses and treatments from a provider trained in women’s health. 

Alpha Medical Co-founder & CEO Gloria Lau shares: “At Alpha Medical, it is our ongoing mission to help women take control of their health and to provide them with the medical resources and tools needed to treat chronic conditions like diabetes. Many don’t realize the unique needs that women have when it comes to this condition, so it only felt right for us to expand our services to help the many Americans that are living with this serious medical condition.”

Alpha Medical’s services are available in 49 states plus DC and treat over 60 conditions with their virtual PCP offering.

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