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Juliana Notari’s hillside sculpture “Diva” sparks clash in Brazil. The artist said the scarlet hillside vulva was intended to “question the relationship between nature and culture in our phallocentric and anthropocentric western society” and provoke debate over the “problematisation of gender”. (Image: Juliana Notari)


OvaryIT launches telehealth platform to help women choose the right contraceptive; Hologic acquires SOMATEX (biopsy site marker & localization tech) and announces plans to acquire Biotheranostics (molecular tests for breast & metastatic cancers); Northwestern Medicine opens comprehensive program for vulvar and vaginal health; U.K. eliminates tax on tampons and other sanitary products; Lips launches an alternative social media platform by and for women, non-binary folks and the LGBTQIA+ community; Nuvo announces Axia Women’s Health as first in the U.S. to conduct FDA-cleared remote fetal wellness checks; Vizgen announces a new pharma R&D accelerator; FPA Women’s Health adopts NextGen Healthcare’s Patient Experience Platform; Artist Juliana Notari’s 33m vulva sculpture causes discussions and controversy in Brazil; 23andme raises $82.5M in new funding; Haven, a health venture launched by Amazon JPMorgan Chase & Berkshire Hathaway is dissolving

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