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Elektra Health Co-founders Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi (Image: Elektra Health)


Elektra Health raises a $3.75 seed round to grow its platfrom for women going through menopause.

HUED raises a $1.6M seed round to grow its platform for culturally competent care.

L’Oreal partners with Clue to better understand the relationship between skin health and the menstrual cycle.

FEMSelect’s EnPlace Pelvic Floor Ligament Fixation System launches in the U.S.

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific becomes Presagen’s Life Whisperer’s Sole Worldwide Distributor.

Women’s Health Company TherapeuticsMD announces the appointment of Hugh O’Dowd as President.

Kelly Londy becomes Nuvo Group’s new CEO to lead the next stage of the company’s growth.

In the Know

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Study of how genes influence menopause may improve fertility treatment (New Scientist)

Women’s health: I’m in pain but it took years for anyone to listen (BBC)

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Women’s Health in Africa Is a Pressing Human Rights Issue (Longevity Live)

Who’s Hiring? 

Madorra is hiring a Chief Business Offiver / VP Strategic Marketing.

O.school is looking for a Freelance Writer.

MyHealthTeams is hiring a Vice President, Alliance Management.

Everlywell is looking for a Full Stack Engineer.

Mahmee is looking for a Medical Director.

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