Virtue Labs, makers of biotech hair care brand Virtue, have recently announces the launch of their new Flourish product line specifically to target female hair loss and provide thicker, fuller, and healthier hair for all.

While traditionally considered a male problem, half of all women will suffer from hair loss in their lifetime, and 40% by the time they are 40 according to the American Academy of Dermatology. In fact, there are an estimated 30 million women in the United States suffering from hair loss, and the numbers continue to accelerate. To address this problem, Virtue took a holistic approach in creating this new line by focusing on scalp fertility and, also importantly, on hair fiber survival, with each product in the line powered by their exclusive keratin protein complex Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL.

“As a biotech brand born from regenerative medicine, Virtue has always gone where our technology has led us, and that is certainly true with Flourish. After launching our initial Virtue haircare line, we kept hearing from customers that their hair was growing faster or that they thought they could see new growth. That sent us on a three-year journey of discovery to see what our technology could do if we partnered it with other ingredients specifically to address this crucial problem,” said Melisse Shaban, Founder & CEO of Virtue Labs. “Hair loss is a silent epidemic that women are facing alone. With this launch we aim to provide truly efficacious products and to shatter the stigma of women’s hair loss with open conversation around this important topic.”

Virtue Flourish is available for purchase on and will be available in select Bluemercury stores and on starting in April 2021.

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