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Amsterdam-based startup Vini Mini has raised €500,000 in seed funding to address the challenge of food allergies in children by introducing allergens to babies early on. The funding round included contributions from APX, Rabobank, Antler, Vrederijk Investments, the Donor Impact Investment Fund, The Angel Initiative, and healthcare entrepreneur & investor Irene Groenink.

Vini Mini focuses on developing nutritional products and supplements that safely introduce allergens to infants. This initiative is grounded in research suggesting that early exposure to allergens can prevent up to 80% of food allergies. Currently, food allergies affect one in four children in Europe, with associated direct and indirect costs estimated at €40 billion. Projections indicate that by 2050, over half the population may experience some form of food allergy.

The company has created a range of products including peanut, hazelnut, cashew nut, and walnut Startkits, Follow-up kits, and snacks designed according to the risk profiles of babies. This funding will enable Vini Mini to broaden its distribution and recruit strategic sales and marketing positions.

Vini Mini Co-founder Jozien Boersma, comments: “Introducing allergens to a baby should become as commonplace for parents as giving supplements like vitamin D & K. Our products and information should be available wherever young parents are found. And this is just the beginning; Vini Mini aims to become a leading player in preventive pediatric healthcare.”

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