Uber Health has recently introduced Uber Caregiver, a new solution designed to support caregivers and their loved ones. Starting this summer, care-receivers will be able to add caregivers to their Uber profile, enabling them to request and monitor rides and deliveries, and utilize eligible health benefits for payments. This solution aims to enhance the caregiving experience by maximizing ancillary healthcare benefits and simplifying the care process for both caregivers and care-receivers.

Over 53 million Americans serve as caregivers, often balancing the responsibilities of caring for aging parents, raising their own children, holding jobs, and managing household duties. The stress and complexity of caregiving can lead to emotional and financial strain, with caregivers spending about $7,000 annually out of pocket on average.

Uber Caregiver addresses these challenges by offering a centralized platform for caregivers to manage and act on benefit information. This solution aims to simplify the historically fragmented and time-consuming process of navigating ancillary benefits. Care-receivers can invite caregivers directly through the Uber app, allowing them to view and manage benefits, coordinate services like transportation and grocery delivery, and use health benefit cards for payments.

Key Features of Uber Caregiver:

  • Care at the Tap of a Button: Starting this summer, caregivers can easily coordinate rides and grocery deliveries for their loved ones using the Uber app. They will receive real-time updates, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  • Enhanced Visibility into Ancillary Healthcare Benefits: As more health plans join Uber Caregiver, caregivers will have access to detailed information about benefit eligibility. This includes knowing how many rides are covered or the remaining monthly grocery benefits, helping them manage services without financial worries.
  • Reduced Financial Burden: With nearly 80% of caregivers paying out of pocket for some care-receiver expenses, Uber Caregiver allows care-receivers to permit caregivers to use their eligible health benefits for payments, thus easing financial strain.

Caitlin Donovan, Global Head of Uber Health, explains: “Caregivers are the invisible backbone of our healthcare system. They provide essential care for millions of people, often at great personal cost—but they shouldn’t have to do it alone. Our new solution helps lighten the load. Caregivers will no longer be solely responsible for grocery shopping for loved ones, bringing mom to the doctor, or decoding grandpa’s benefits to see if they’ll cover a bottle of aspirin. We know it takes a team, and we’re proud to play an important role in keeping people healthy.”

This launch marks the beginning of Uber Health’s initiative to address the challenges faced by caregivers. In the coming months, Uber Health will collaborate with Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial plans to enhance support for caregivers across the United States.

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