Tuune, a femtech startup revolutionizing women’s health by offering individualized hormonal analysis and birth control, has announced the closing of a $4.6M fundraising round to launch in the U.S. market. The investment, led by venture capital firm Octopus Ventures, will support Tuune’s efforts to build a more individualized medical system that puts hormones first, transforming the future of healthcare for all women and people with cycles. The company’s mission is to make female hormones a pillar of modern holistic healthcare and bridge the gaps in understanding of conditions like PCOS; endometriosis; and cardiometabolic, mental, and bone health. Our first product educates and empowers women to choose the right birth control for their unique hormones and biology.

Tuune’s clinicians use its proprietary technology to provide unbiased insights and recommendations of the best birth control for women, based on a comprehensive health history, lifestyle preferences, and hormone analysis. This individualized approach helps women alleviate their hormonal symptoms and conditions, including endometriosis, anxiety, weight gain, and acne. Tuune’s team includes leading experts in precision medicine, science and engineering, and is backed by prominent organizations including Google for Startups.

“After being misdiagnosed with cancer and dismissed by many healthcare professionals, I knew I had to not only advocate for myself but for all women who are told that side effects are normal,” said Shardi Nahavandi, co-founder of Tuune. “I quit my job and took on two health degrees, which is when I discovered that the root cause of my illness was a hormonal imbalance.”

Tuune’s mission is to solve problems that women face with their hormonal health. The company’s proprietary research found that 85% of women don’t think their doctor spends enough time to find the best birth control for them, 52% of women globally experience side effects from their birth control, and 43% of women believe they have a hormone imbalance but can’t get a doctor to diagnose it.

Nahavandi continues, “At Tuune, our goal is to improve the healthcare experience for women, starting with technology that empowers them to make more informed birth control choices. We want to move away from centuries of ignoring the impact of female hormones on 50% of the population. It’s important to recognize that our hormones play a fundamentally important role in our overall health, and we can use them to live better. It’s time to get answers, speak up, and expect more.”

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