Theramex, a company dedicated women’s health, recently acquired the Femarelle product licence to treat menopause symptoms. Femarelle will be available in different markets starting in late spring 2022. This commercialisation agreement was reached with Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, the company that developed the product.

Femarelle offers non-hormonal therapy to balance oestrogen levels in women from peri-menopause through menopause to post-menopause relieving the symptoms and conditions derived from oestrogen loss with the onset of menopause. It addresses specific needs at each menopause stage and is characterised by the natural compound DT56a, an oestrogen receptor modulator, supplemented with stage-appropriate vitamins and minerals. DT56a is developed from the soybean plant taking advantage of the 20 amino acids of soybean in its production process, resulting in a unique compound targeting the oestrogen receptors in the woman’s body.

Three products are part of Femarelle’s portfolio right now:

  • Femarelle Rejuvenate, for women over 40 experiencing menstrual cycle fluctuations, the telltale sign of the onset of perimenopause. Femarelle Rejuvenate restores a woman’s hormonal balance, supporting changing moods, loss of skin elasticity and fatigue.
  • Femarelle Recharge, for women over 50 who may already be feeling classic menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats and which assists with additional aspects of menopause such as loss of libido.
  • Femarelle Unstoppable, for women over 60 who have gone through the bulk of their menopause and are now focused on maintaining bone and vaginal health as they age.

The DT56a compound adheres to oestrogen receptors without being recognised as oestrogen by the body. This unique non-hormonal botanical solution was declared a “first-line treatment for menopause management” at the Presidential Conference of the Annual Congress of the European Society of Gynaecology in 2017. Femarelle is supported by gynaecologists around the world and has been published in leading journals.

In a survey of 4,000-plus women from different countries, hot flushes and night sweats were the main symptoms across the board. Femarelle was found to significantly relieve menopausal symptoms within the first two weeks of treatment and this trend continued following four weeks of treatment. A statistically significant reduction was found at each week of treatment.

With this move, Theramex steps up its commitment to provide women with an effective and safe alternative to menopause hormone therapy. “Our main objective is to meet women’s health needs around the world,” said Theramex chief executive Robert Stewart. “Not only their current needs but future ones too in order to improve their lives. With Femarelle, we are adding to our portfolio an alternative for women with untreated menopause who are reluctant to use hormone therapy”.

Esti Grunbaum, Vice President BD & Marketing at Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, adds: “We are very excited about this collaboration with Theramex. Together we will provide women with more menopausal symptom treatment options”.

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