Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and British universal bank, Barclays, have today announced their partnership to launch Female Founders First, a unique program designed to provide 30 trailblazing, female-led companies with resources to grow, scale, and advance their businesses.

The 30 selected founders—representing a wide range of industries including health care, legal, finance, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence—will receive access to mentorship and networking opportunities, a curriculum of workshops and roundtables, as well as perks and brand-strengthening initiatives designed to prepare them for their next rounds of funding or scaling efforts.

“Any femtech startups?” you may ask? Well, we’ve got you covered! Read on and learn more about Eli, Cherry Blossom Intimates, and Bloomer Tech, the 3 women’s health innovation startups, who made the cut!


Eli‘s initial focus is to give women a no-compromise option to own their fertility and contraception decisions. The inconvenience of existing methods and associated side effects should now be a thing of the past.

Eli develops a point-of-care device for women to get their everyday hormone profile. Their patent-pending technology measures the actual levels of key hormones, at home, from a saliva sample. The proprietary consumables are recharged with a subscription. This unique approach was designed to delight users and provide increased effectiveness.

Besides the device Eli has also created an app powered by learning algorithms, which interpret user’s actual hormone variations on any given day. With this powerful information, users know their precise fertile days. For couples who want to conceive, this data increases their chances significantly. For women who want a safe contraceptive method that’s hormone-free and non-invasive, Eli finally brings a no-compromise option.

Cherry Blossom Intimates

Cherry Blossom Intimates is a first-of-its-kind breast health facility and intimates boutique. They are on a mission to use innovation, inclusion, and intimates to be impactful around the globe. Unlike traditional lingerie boutiques, they offer bras in over 200 sizes and specialize in proper fittings. Unlike traditional medical supply stores they fit breast cancer survivors into bras and post-mastectomy prostheses withing a beautiful and dignified space. What makes them stand out is their offering of custom breast protheses.

Using 3D printing technology, they offer silicone prosthetic breasts that look like the breast a woman has lost to breast cancer. Beyond that they handle all medical billing in-house, removing the barrier and complexity of insurance reimbursements for their customers, and accept a majority of major insurance carriers.

Bloomer Tech

Bloomer Tech are leveraging exponential technology by building washable, flexible circuits that can be embedded into fabrics in a seamless way. These will be connected via Bluetooth to an app on the phone.

Their target focuses on tracking elements of cardiovascular disease. Their first circuits are being embedded into women’s bras and will inform users about their electrocardiograms, pulse rates, respiratory rates, heart rhythms and more.

The app gives information on key metrics and provides interactive tools to help women improve their heart health. The user will have the choice of sharing the information gathered to caregivers and/or doctors, enabling them direct access to patient specific insights. 

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