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Stork Club Reproductive Care has achieved a significant milestone, extending its reach to 100 countries globally and providing access to over 8,000 in-network providers. The company has also introduced an innovative Direct Pay system, simplifying the member experience by eliminating the need for virtual benefits cards.

This expansion of Stork Club, an enterprise reproductive care benefits solution, ensures that critical reproductive and family-building care is available across borders. Employers and their covered employees with Stork Club global coverage can now access essential services in various countries, ensuring comprehensive reproductive healthcare regardless of location.

The introduction of the Direct Pay approach globally marks a significant advancement in member convenience. Instead of relying on virtual or physical benefits cards to prepay for their care, Stork Club members can now have peace of mind as the company pays in-network providers directly. This streamlined process removes potential inconveniences for members and reduces transaction costs for global employers, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Furthermore, Stork Club has enhanced its care offerings by introducing dedicated Care Partners across the globe. These certified clinical reproductive care experts are well-versed in local healthcare, legal, and financial regulations, ensuring that members receive culturally competent and knowledgeable care tailored to their needs.

“We’re proud to be able to build out such an expansive global network of high-performance providers to enable US-headquartered employers with teams outside of the country to offer a truly excellent care experience while providing access to critical reproductive care. We know that outsourced call centers and virtual benefits cards have their limitations, so we are leaving those in the past by creating a new healthcare experience where Stork Club-covered members have an easier way to pay so they can simply focus on their health and achieving their reproductive health goals,” stated Jeni Mayorskaya, CEO and founder of Stork Club.

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