On February 13 & 14 this year the healthcare innovation community is coming together again in Boston for Reproductive Health Innovation Summit. Each year the 2-day event invites selected startups to pitch their solutions in front of industry leaders and investors. Just recently the finalists, who were selected by 10 leading VCs in the space, were announced.

Selection committee members included David Sable (Special Situations Fund), Alice Zheng (RH Capital), Arianne Kidder (Seae Ventures), Abigail Sirus (Special Situations Fund), Megan Dover (Cross-Border Impact Ventures), Sans Thakur (Tower Capital), Shalanda Armstrong (100KM Ventures), Jenna Jung (Joyance Partners), Sara Eshelman (Spero Ventures), and Margaret Malone (Flare Capital Partners).

Reproductive Health Innovation Summit: Pitch Competition Finalists

This year there’s 10 of them and we’re excited to share more about the organizations, startups and scale-ups who made the cut this year.


Dionysus is developing a platform of proprietary epigenetic tests to predict the risk of hormonal depressions like postpartum depression (PPD) and mood disorders associated with PMS and menopause in women. Their technology integrates epigenetic testing with a smartphone-based app, which assesses stress, anxiety, and mood swings using a proprietary large language model. This platform aims to have a significant impact across various markets, including mental health care, wellness, and healthy aging.

Vitala Global Foundation

Co-founded by obstetrician-gynecologists Dr. Roopan Gill and Dr. Genevieve Tam, Vitala Global Foundation is a Canadian not-for-profit organization. With over 20 years of medical, humanitarian, and development experience, they focus on addressing gaps in reproductive health care observed in challenging contexts. The foundation seeks to create localized, community-led, and user-centered digital solutions to support reproductive health care.

Freya Biosciences

Freya Biosciences is a clinical-stage company focused on women’s health, specifically developing microbial immunotherapies to relieve chronic inflammation in reproductive system diseases uniquely affecting women. They aim to empower women with innovative solutions for improved reproductive health.

NUA Surgical

NUA Surgical is an Irish start-up that developed the SteriCISION C-section Retractor, designed to reduce maternal complications following cesarean delivery. The device improves access and visualization during surgery. The company, with over 65 years of combined experience in commercial, technical, and design control activities, aims to ensure safe childbirth and optimal care for mothers and babies.


Medicem focuses on women’s health with its FDA-approved product, Dilapan-S, for cervical ripening. The company’s technology facilitates outpatient cervical ripening, backed by multiple clinical studies and published health economic data. Medicem has successfully championed a revaluation of the CPT59200 code for cervical ripening, marking a significant advancement in the field.


Backed by the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps and UC San Diego, Celeste’s ExactRx is a medication diagnostic tool transforming lab panels into actionable medication safety and efficacy insights. Using AI-powered precision medicine, it assists healthcare providers and payers in creating personalized medication plans, enhancing treatment effectiveness and patient outcomes. Celeste‘s pocket pharmacist feature proactively addresses patient queries, reducing the burden on healthcare providers.

Grain Fertility

Inspired by a personal IVF journey, Grain Fertility provides digital tools to support individuals facing fertility issues. The platform helps organize medical and financial records, create visual timelines, and facilitates easy information sharing. Grain Fertility aims to transform data access and usage in fertility treatments, working with patients, clinics, and manufacturers to create high-quality datasets and personalized insights.

Noma AI

Noma AI is developing an AI platform for healthcare, leveraging deep tech and machine learning to analyze multimodal medical data. Initially focused on maternal hemorrhage, a leading cause of maternal mortality, the platform offers real-time AI and predictive risk monitoring. NOMA AI is collaborating with health systems to pilot their first product and extend its applications beyond maternal hemorrhage.

May Health

Formerly named Ablacare, May Health was conceived by medical device entrepreneurs and developed by Sofinnova’s MD Start incubator. Under the leadership of Anne Osdoit, the technology underwent extensive testing, leading to early clinical feasibility. Now with a US-based management team, led by women’s health veteran Anne Morrissey, May Health continues to advance its technology.

Galena Innovations

Founded in 2019, Galena Innovations focuses on developing the Hannah Cervical Cup to prevent preterm birth. Their mission is to shift obstetrics from stagnation to innovation, creating solutions that address health and social inequities globally, starting with birth. Galena Innovations aims to ensure healthy pregnancy outcomes and family well-being, from Mississippi to Malawi.

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