Source: StartUp Health

StartUp Health just released their 2020 Midyear funding report and overall it shows a robust, diversified Health Innovation Market.

The first quarter of 2020 came out swinging. With $4.9B raised, it was the most-funded quarter on record for health innovation. But then the world changed. On January 11, China reported its first coronavirus death, and two months later the World Health Organization declared that COVID-19 was a global pandemic. These realities rocked the markets — contracts froze and layoffs began. All bets were off as to how the coronavirus would impact health innovation funding going forward. In analyzing the first quarter’s banner funding, MedCityNews wrote that “faced with a global pandemic, the trend is unlikely to continue.
But now that the second quarter is in the books, we can safely say that that strong performance has indeed continued. Despite the uncertainties introduced by COVID-19 — and in part because of them — the health innovation market remains robust and confident. In fact, with $4.2B raised in Q2 2020, we find ourselves closing out the most-funded six-month period on record.


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