Listening Tour: In 2018 and 2019 the pumpspotting team travelled the country stopping in over 60 cities and meeting with thousands of parents. They set out to listen, learn, connect, and give mothers the support and nourishment they so deserve in a peaceful, restorative space. (Image: pumpspotting)

Breastfeeding support platform pumpspotting has announced the closing of a $1.15M seed round led by MooDoos Investments, with participation from Maine Venture Fund, Maine Angels, Launchpad Venture Group, Opus Ventures, Crystal McKellar and strategic investor Punchbowl, Inc.

Since its founding in 2015, pumpspotting has focused on engaging and supporting feeding parents. This investment will fuel the company’s growth in the B2B channel, helping employers, retailers and brands of all sizes provide critical support to feeding parents, transforming breastfeeding-tolerant climates into breastfeeding-supportive climates.

“Feeding parents need support now more than ever,” said pumpspotting Founder and CEO Amy VanHaren. “We know that breastfeeding has a myriad of benefits for babies and parents alike, and that businesses benefit when they support breastfeeding as well: reduced absenteeism, improved customer loyalty, and more than 600% ROI on their lactation programs. pumpspotting is making it easy for employers, retailers and brands to support feeding parents no matter where they are.”

As companies expand their family benefits to attract, retain and engage parents as customers and employees alike, this new funding will help pumpspotting better serve the B2B environment. pumpspotting offers right-sized offerings across the spectrum from large enterprises all the way to small employers.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to better serve families through community-driven tech with pumpspotting,” said Caitlin Wege, managing partner of MooDoos. “pumpspotting is leading the way towards enhanced family benefits that are going to be an essential part of corporate culture and retention strategies for both employees and shoppers, especially mothers. The benefits of supporting feeding parents are undeniable and we are pleased to be a part of the next generation of solutions.”

Since its founding in 2015, pumpspotting has supported a virtual community of more than 40,000 baby-feeding parents, providing them with access to feeding experts, timely, evidence-based content, personalized encouragement, safe and comfortable places to nurse and pump worldwide and, perhaps most importantly, a community of fellow parents to connect with 24×7.

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