In recognition of Men’s Health Month, Posterity Health has launched its Hormone Management Program across the United States. This program aims to address the issue of low testosterone (Low-T) among American males using best practice clinical protocols to ensure effective and personalized treatment.

Low testosterone is a condition affecting over 3 million men in the U.S., with symptoms such as fatigue, poor concentration, and erectile dysfunction. Despite its prevalence, only 32% of affected men seek treatment. If left untreated, Low-T can also indicate male infertility issues.

Dr. Jason Kovac, Regional Medical Director at Posterity Health, emphasizes the importance of diagnosing and treating Low-T: “Up to 40% of men are impacted by Low Testosterone. Fatigue, poor concentration, and a reduced sex drive are a few of the most common symptoms. An incredibly rewarding part of my practice is helping these males diagnose their hormone deficiency so they can see an immediate and dramatic change in their overall health and functioning.”

Posterity Health’s Male Management Platform (MMP) is central to this program, combining technology, expert care teams, and AI-driven clinical protocols to provide personalized, end-to-end male care. The platform ensures that patients receive evidence-based treatment, the correct medication, and continuous support to improve their overall well-being.

The MMP offers a hybrid care model, allowing men to receive treatment at local Posterity Health offices or from the comfort of their own homes. Fellowship-trained reproductive urologists lead the program, identifying and addressing testosterone and other hormone deficiencies with customized therapies.

“Our mission is to meet our patients where they are in their life journey and provide them with the support and expertise needed to achieve their health goals,” states Dr. Josh Halpern, Chief Scientific Officer at Posterity Health. “Whether it’s optimizing fertility status or addressing concerns about testosterone treatments, Posterity Health is committed to delivering high-impact, personalized solutions that follow clinical best practices and focus on the overall health and well-being of each male.”

Pam Pure, Founder and CEO of Posterity Health, adds, “We are thrilled to introduce the Posterity Health Hormone Management Program. The service expansion reinforces our commitment to making male health care more accessible. Our goal is to make it easy for males who experience Low-T symptoms to receive expert care quickly, with real-time access to expert reproductive urologists.”

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