The BioInnovation Institute (BII) in Copenhagen, Denmark, has recently welcomed twelve new companies into its Venture Lab acceleration program, designed to support startups that promise to significantly impact human and planetary health. Among the twelve selected companies, two startups stand out for their dedication to advancing women’s health: Pharmista Technologies and oasicare.

Pharmista Technologies is making strides with the development of a reusable pregnancy test, setting the stage for a new era in sustainable diagnostics. This innovation aligns with a growing demand for eco-friendly health solutions and represents a significant step forward by providing a more environmentally responsible option for pregnancy testing.

On a similar note of innovation in women’s health, oasicare is dedicated to enhancing the childbirth and postpartum experience on a global scale. The company is pioneering a medical device designed to reduce the risk of birth tears, a common concern for women during childbirth. oasicare’s mission to improve outcomes for mothers represents a critical advancement in addressing a long-standing issue within women’s health.

The companies are now set to receive support from BII over the next 12 months, including a founder-friendly convertible loan of EUR 500,000, access to labs and offices, and the opportunity for further funding.

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