Pandia Health’s New CEO Alice Eweida. Image: Pandia Health

Pandia Health, a company known for its birth control treatment and delivery services, is extending its healthcare offerings to include hormonal treatment for menopause. This expansion adds a crucial service to Pandia Health’s portfolio, addressing the needs of mid-life women alongside its existing services for birth control and acne treatment. The company announced today its new Chief Executive Officer, Alice Eweida, who previously led growth and brand marketing at several Series B digital health companies, including Boulder Care and DayTwo.

Pandia Health’s initiative into menopause care is set against a backdrop of a significant gap in the healthcare system. In the US, a substantial number of women over the age of 52 confront menopausal symptoms, but face a shortage of specialized care providers. Pandia Health’s menopause services are spearheaded by two MSCP-certified practitioners, Dr. Catherine Hansen and Dr. Stephanie Culver, both of whom bring extensive experience in OB-GYN practices to the company.

Pandia Health offers a comprehensive approach to menopause care. Initial consultations are priced at $129, enabling patients to receive personalized treatment plans from menopause-trained doctors. Subsequent follow-up sessions are available at $60, and Patient Care Assistants are on hand to field any questions at no extra charge. In a move to make its services more accessible, medications through Pandia Pharmacy are generally covered by insurance, and affordable self-pay options are also available.

The company’s expansion is not just about broadening its services but also about enhancing workplace well-being. Recognizing the impact of menopause symptoms on professional life, Pandia Health is offering its menopause services to employers. This includes annual Q&A sessions during Open Enrollment and virtual education sessions with the company’s hormonal experts, aiming to alleviate the estimated $3 billion annual loss in the US due to work absences related to menopause symptoms.

“We’re excited for Pandia Health’s next phase with Alice as CEO to bring expert, evidence-based women’s hormonal healthcare to the over two million women going through menopause each year and to reduce the average three-month wait time for menopause treatment to a few business days,” said co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Sophia Yen, MD, MPH. “With her extensive background in healthcare marketing and expansions, we appreciate her expertise to take Pandia Health to the next level.”

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