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Canadian fertility company OVRY is launching its first Male Fertility Test. The new product for at-home use offers a quick and convenient way to test for low sperm concentration in semen, a leading indicator of male infertility.  OVRY’s Male Fertility Test will be available for purchase Canada-wide exclusively online. When performed correctly, this test delivers results that are 99 percent consistent with laboratory testing for sperm concentration. 

“The OVRY Male Fertility Test is for anyone that wants to be proactive about their fertility or the fertility of their partner,” Ovry Co-founder and CEO Jackie Rhind. “This test is a great first step for people looking to conceive because it has the potential to save couples several months of frustration by detecting lower than normal sperm concentrations early on, which is an indication that you may have difficulty getting pregnant and should consider consulting your physician for further analysis.” 

Similar to a pregnancy test, the OVRY Male Fertility Test produces a simple “positive” or “negative” result. It detects sperm SP10 protein in semen, which can be used to assess sperm concentration. Lower than normal sperm concentration – defined by the World Health Organization as having less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen – is one of the leading indicators of male infertility and has been linked to difficulty conceiving. 

“As a business founded on principles of equality, transparency and inclusivity, we think it’s important to bring men and people with sperm into the fertility conversation, and that is exactly what we intend to do with this product,” says Rhind. “Too often we hear stereotypes of men waiting until the eleventh hour to go to the doctor or refusing to ask for help when they need it, but when it comes to fertility, a proactive and informed approach will always yield better outcomes than avoidance.” 

It is important to note that sperm concentration is not the only indicator of male infertility; sperm morphology and motility are also important indicators of male infertility. Since the OVRY Male Fertility Test only measures sperm concentration, using this test alone is not enough to determine whether or not a person is fertile. But it is a helpful and proactive step in identifying possible obstacles for people trying to conceive. 

Ovry launched in 2020 as a sustainable, affordable alternative to store bought pregnancy and ovulation tests.

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