Omena, a Paris-based FemTech startup, has secured an €800K seed investment, marking its second significant fundraising effort following a €400K pre-seed round in 2021. The company focuses on providing comprehensive support and services to menopausal women through its app.

The funding round drew contributions from business angels and family offices, including prominent returning investors such as Alexandre Lebrun, founder of AI healthtech Nabla, angel investor Marie Outtier, and Simon Dawlat, CEO of CRM startup Batch. New participants in this round included the French family office Fair Equity and the investor club Mozza Angels.

“Omena started with the observation that in France, feminist movements that influenced femtechs mostly focused on endometriosis, pregnancy, periods and not so much on menopause,” said Omena Co-founder Mathilde Nême in an interview with Sifted.

Omena’s app aims to empower menopausal women, 80% of whom experience symptoms ranging from hot flashes to sleep issues and even anxiety and depression. The app offers personalized information about menopause symptoms, treatment options, and associated risks like breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A partnership with GEMVI, a French scientific organization specializing in menopause, ensures the medical accuracy of the content.

The premium version of the app, priced at €60 annually, provides users with access to targeted wellness programs, teleconsultations with healthcare professionals, and more. Since its launch in March 2022, Omena has attracted 55,000 users, with a significant portion opting for the paid membership, according to the company.

The newly acquired funds will be used to intensify marketing efforts, aiming to elevate the conversation around menopause in France and potentially extend the app’s reach to other countries in continental Europe. Omena also seeks to forge B2B partnerships and explore other revenue streams, such as collaborations with health insurance companies and an e-shop for GEMVI-approved products.

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