Digital Health care provider Nurx, known for birth control prescriptions, STI screenings and medications prescriptions, has now expanded into at-home acne care.

While acne care may seem like a leap coming from a company that’s built its reputation (and base of over one million patients) mainly on reproductive health care, Nurx clinical team lead Nancy Shannon MD, PhD, says the company added acne to its portfolio of concerns as a response to existing patient demand. According to a survey from Nurx, a whopping 85 percent of its patients reported experiencing acne issues, but just 7 percent of them reported being under a dermatologist’s care.

Dr. Shannon says because the company works with 350,000 birth control patients, it has unique expertise around the hormonal issues which cause a significant amount of acne seen in the age group it treats. “Over half of patients that are coming to see us for birth control have concerns about acne—we see that on their medical charts [or] they’re asking us to provide that service,” Dr. Shannon says. “And while we’ve not advertised it as acne care, certainly many of the women that see us for birth control are coming either because they realize that oral contraceptives can help with acne or because their dermatologist has referred them over to Nurx to get help with birth control.”

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