Medical software provider Novarad has formed a strategic partnership with Ikonopedia, a structured breast reporting and MQSA management system designed to improve reporting efficiency and optimize facility operations. Ikonopedia’s next-generation breast reporting and tracking system for mammography will integrate with Novarad’s NovaMG PRO mammography platform. By combining leading-edge technologies with innovative software applications to connect patient care, Novarad’s complete care platform can improve diagnosis and provide better outcomes for elevating women’s health.

Novarad enables healthcare providers to take control of their medical images through its full diagnostic suite. Ncompass Enterprise Imaging, along with user-configurable clinical workflow modules, gives facilities the solutions they need to accelerate the quality of care while assuring consistent and predictable costs. The innovative OpenSight augmented reality system overlays medical images directly onto the patient’s body in order to enable accurate registration for surgical planning. Novarad improves the practice of medicine by continually developing and refining our advanced imaging technologies to benefit providers and patients.

Ikonopedia was founded by three expert breast imaging Radiologists: László Tabár, MD is the author of 6 books in 10 languages on mammography and a world-renowned educator;  A. Thomas Stavros, MD is the author of one of the most popular reference books in the field of breast ultrasound; and Michael J. Vendrell, MD is an expert in breast MRI and CAD design with extensive experience in breast-imaging software.

“We are pleased to be able to add this closed-looped structured reporting and tracking tool product to the arsenal of products that provide radiologists using NovaMG PRO the tools to provide faster and more accurate diagnoses, which results in better patient care and reduced errors,” said David Grandpre, Senior Director of Product at Novarad. “Novarad sees the frustrations and gaps in the field and has aligned a product line with the patient at the forefront. We want to make clinical workflows and the delivery of care much better for all stakeholders.”

“Given Ikonopedia’s focus on elevating patient care and optimizing physician time we are excited about this partnership with a company that has common goals and has proven its commitment for years in this industry,” said Emily Crane, CEO at Ikonopedia. “Novarad and their team have shown excellence in delivering on the ‘voice of their customers.’ We are confident that through this strategic alignment we will see improvements across the industry.”

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