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Canada-based nixit, a woman-owned company, is launching a new line of external condoms designed with vaginal health in mind. These condoms, made from natural rubber latex, are ultra-thin, vegan, vagina-friendly, and lightly lubricated with pure silicone oil. They exclude spermicide, parabens, glycerin, dyes, added fragrances, and UTI-causing chemical irritants, prioritizing vaginal wellness.

Nixit Founder Rachael Newton explains: “Most condoms are made for men – with their dark generic packaging, ingredients for extended endurance, and fixation on size. Rarely do options prioritize vaginal health. It shouldn’t be a challenge to find ones with ingredients we recognize that won’t disrupt our pH. Enter nixit. Our condoms were carefully designed, from the ingredients to the packaging, with vaginas in mind. We created these because we deserve to feel good buying and using condoms. We deserve better.”

Seamlessly integrating with its original product lineup, the condoms are compatible with the brand’s
water-based personal lubricant and can also be used safely alongside its hero product, a, suction-free, disc-style menstrual cup, during mess-free period sex.

“Condoms felt like the natural next step for us as we diversify the brand outside of period care. In the same way that we are destigmatizing period products, we’re fighting the counterproductive stigma around contraceptives,” says Newton. “When thinking about the big picture, we are continuing to redefine the standard with our products. We’re changing the narrative around buying and carrying condoms, breaking the idea that men are responsible while others are promiscuous when doing so. In a male-dominated category, nixit is providing a refreshing approach to condom shopping.”

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