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“Natalist was created to serve people who are seeking modern, sustainable tools for conception and pregnancy. Everly Health’s full capabilities across testing, telehealth, and virtual care delivery will supercharge our ability to help people in ways we’re only beginning to explore. I’m thrilled to discover what we can accomplish together, as part of Everly Health.” Vernita Brown, CEO at Natalist. Image: Natalist


EverlyWell parent company Everly Health acquires Fertility & Pregnancy Essentials Company Natalist.

AlloyHealth raises $3.3M in seed funding to bridge the gap in menopausal and post-reproductive health.

Sexual wellness brand Tabu launches on Goop with $500K in seed funding.

Contraline raises a $10.7M Series A to transition ADAM, its ‘male contraceptive’, into clinical trials.

Blackstone buys the majority stake in women’s wear brand Spanx.

FLO Vitamins launches parent brand O Positiv to support a wider range of women’s health needs.

Sextech company Vibio launches a new sexual exploration app.

Mira‘s Confirm Wand receives FDA clearance as an accurate tool to confirm ovulation in women.

UNICEF partners with the Australian government to scale Oky, a digital period tracker for girls in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Microbiome research company Biom Pharmaceuticals launches the Vee mobile app.

Oura Ring‘s latest version includes period prediction and educational content.

Diem re-launches as a social universe designed for women and non-binary folks.

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