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Scanwell’s UTI Test Kit (c) Scanwell


Scanwell Health Launches Smartphone Tests for UTIs; The New York Times Creates ‘Your Fertility Now‘, a Special Section about Fertility; Germany Has Slashed its Tampon Tax; Uvision360’s LUMINELLE Hyperoscopy System Receives 3rd FDA Clearance; Floliving Founder Alissa Vitti Releases New Book; Inspired Capital Closes its First $200M Fund; Balderton Capital Raises New $400M Fund to Back European Series A Tech Startups; Version One Ventures is Looking for Investment Opportunities in the Femtech Space

Company Spotlight 

This week we want to talk pelvic health and introduce you to 5 companies active in this space:

Elvie’s Elvie Trainer visualizes your pelvic floor movements in real time with biofeedback, a mind-body technique often used by health care professionals for pelvic floor rehabilitation. The award-winning Kegel trainer helps to achieve better bladder control, faster postnatal recovery and enhanced intimacy.

Private Packs‘ natural, safe and non-invasive gel pads help women that suffer from symptoms such as swelling, itching, inflammation or soreness related to Bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted infections, yeast infections, vaginal dryness, vaginal childbirth, post-sex, dyspareunia or pubic area hair removal. The brand’s food-grade therapy pads are wearable, discreet and reusable.

Madorra is working towards changing the paradigm for treating vaginal dryness, by providing a medical device solution to a problem that has previously only been served by pharmaceuticals. They are focused on giving post-menopausal women and breast cancer survivors the power to choose the non-hormonal treatment option they want.

uQora’s patent-pending formula provides a multifold defense against bacteria, to help women break free from the endless cycle of UTIs.

Scanwell empowers patients with smartphone-enabled UTI testing and provides companies with powerful clinical grade diagnostics.

In the Know

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Who’s Hiring?

Future Family is looking for a Senior Accountant.

Maven Clinic is hiring a Director of Client Success.

Elvie is looking for a Head of Marketing (US).

inne is hiring a Director of Software Engineering.

Pill Club is looking to hire a Head of Clinical Operations.

The Femedic is hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant.

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